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Areas of our specialism include and not limited to are, caring for:


Persons suffering with Dementia / Alzheimer’s, Stroke sufferers, those that require High Dependency Care / Palliative Care, Medication Assistance, Personal Hygiene Care, Hospital Discharge / Post-operative and Companionship.


Because no two cases are ever the same we take priority in providing a specialist approach.

Here are some definitions to describe our expertise:


Palliative Care?

Palliative care service supports adults and young people who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, whether that is terminal or curable, and who wish to remain living in the comfort of their own homes. The main objective of our service is to achieve the best quality of life for the individual, as well as the family, who we understand are very much a part of their loved ones journey.


Dementia, describes a set of symptoms that include loss of memory, mood changes, and problems with communication and reasoning. There are many types of dementia. The most common are Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia. Because dementia is a progressive illness, the symptoms will gradually get worse.
We are dedicated to helping each individual to enjoy their life to the full and as independently as is possible.

Rehabilitation and Reablement?

A slip and fall can be a very traumatic experience and it can be difficult to regain confidence where you may be left feeling unsafe at home. If you don’t have the right support in place then recovering and coming home from hospital can become difficult.  We can provide short or long term support, depending on your need. Our staff will help you rebuild and regain your confidence and skills to help get you back on your feet. This can include us supporting you obtain equipment that can help you live independently and comfortably as possible.

Respite Care?

Respite is a service offered to people who themselves are full time carers to their loved ones. We understand that (you as a carer) too need a break. Care can be emotionally and physically draining, so it's important to have regular breaks.  Respite (Visiting or Live-in) is designed to replace the care that you would normally provide. This can be long or short term, giving you the chance to focus on your own health & wellbeing.

You can have peace of mind with the knowledge that your loved is in safe hands, you will have the chance to select and meet the carer who will be covering for you.

Post-operative care

The first few weeks following an operation are vital for rehabilitation. You may have recovered enough to be discharged from hospital, but aren't quite ready to be independent at home. The local authority may in this case discharge you to a Community Hospital instead. But you may prefer support at home at which point our carers can offer you that specialist support and care in your own home until you fully recover.


Care for the Elderly and our knowledge and expertise:

-We can provide assisted daily living to help make life simpler and allow you to grow old as gracefully as you wish.
- We can provide long term care for those with a debilitating disability or illness. Thereby offering a more specialist and a comprehensive package of care. This is tailored around your specific requirements, wishes and feelings. We will always do our very best to meet and exceed your expectations. 

Therefore in some cases there are two carers attending where the needs are greater.

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