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Having a Care Assessment


Personal care covers any care to do with looking after yourself – getting dressed, washing yourself, eating and drinking, getting around or needing someone to watch over you to keep you safe, for example if you’re unsteady on your feet or can’t see or hear very well.

If you think you may be entitled to funding for care services at home, please contact us and we will support you to contact your local authority for an assessment of your care needs.

The assessment will look at your eligibility for social care support and how much financial help you are entitled to.

If the council pay for all or some of your care costs, you have two options:

1. The council can arrange care services for you.

2. The council can give you a direct payment, which is a cash payment you can use to pay for a carer or any other services that help you meet your needs.


Please click on the links below for some further useful information regarding funding and payments.

   Our Care Services Include:   


Personal Care Services

  • Help with bathing and with skin care

  • Assist with dressing

  • Provide grooming

  • Continence management / assistance with going to toilet

  • Assisting with pad changes

  • Assist with eating

  • Dementia care

  • Alzheimer's care

  • Provide respite care

  • Provide convalescence care

  • Assist and support with Medication / reminders

  • Assist with morning/wake up

  • Assist with evening/tuck in

  • Dental hygiene

  • Help with hearing aids

  • Applying surgical stockings

  • Chiropodist visits and accompany to appointments

  • Help getting up

  • Help going to bed

  • Sleepovers

  • 24 hour support / emergency response



Companionship Services

  • Arrange appointments and accompany to

  • Help with travel arrangements

  • Stimulate mental health and awareness

  • Help with reading

  • Participate in hobbies and crafts

  • Monitor diet and eating

  • Buy magazines, papers and books

  • Plan visits, outings and trips

  • Visit neighbours and friends

  • Accompany to lunch or dinner

  • Discuss current affairs

  • Reminisce about the past

Home Help Services

  • Collect prescriptions

  • Provide support in housekeeping

  • Dusting and vacuuming

  • Help with laundry, washing, ironing

  • Make beds / change bed linen

  • Answering the door

  • Organise wardrobes and cupboards

  • Take out rubbish

  • Meal preparation and tidy away

  • Check food expiry dates

  • Oversee home maintenance

  • Oversee home deliveries

  • Care for houseplants

  • Assist with pet care

  • Prepare shopping lists and help with shopping

  • Dry cleaning arrangements

Catering to all however funded!

People, who choose to fund their homecare services privately, can make contact with us to arrange an initial meeting where we can meet with you to discuss your needs and preferences on a free no obligation basis.

We will draw up a personalised support plan with you involved. This is to ensure you receive your choice of services, how and when you want them.

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