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Domiciliary Care is a definition used to describe At Home Care.


Home care is offered in a number of capacities – the intensity and frequency of visits will depend on individual circumstances and care needs.

Some may need intensive domiciliary care for short periods of time, whilst others simply need low-level long-term care and support.

The main advantage of domiciliary care is that it is carried out in a person’s own home, eliminating the need for you to spend large amounts of time in hospital and enabling you to stay in your own home indefinitely, this may not have been possible before domiciliary care was an option.

We offer 24 Hours Care for adults and young

(on a contracted hours basis)

this means your carer will be with you from anywhere

between 30 mins to providing 24 hours care.


We offer our services to:

Care Services for all aged 16 and over:

  • Physical disabilities / Special needs

  • Associated mental health and or Challenging behaviour issues

  • Palliative Care / Terminal illness / Progressive illnesses

  • Care for the elderly

  • Learning disabilities

  • Private Home Care and Healthcare at home 

Why Nurses, HCA staff join StatelyCare

Why Join Us

We like to get to know our Agency Workers and understand how they like to work.

We are transparent and will pay excellent rates of pay.

We work hard to find you local work and offer a range of different work environments.

We operate around the clock, and are ready to listen to you, we put our staff first.

This means we understand most agency workers, who join an agency, do so because they want flexibility. They want choice with where and when. It might be that they want to;

Gain new skills and broaden their experience, to continue their careers around family life, to plan their work around other commitments or to earn additional money.

Recruitment and Supply Staff Agency

We also supply suitably qualified and vetted staff to cover shifts with external providers of Health and Social Care.

Typically placing permanent and ad-hoc Nurses / HCA into the Public and private sector.

As a recruitment agency we look to recruit candidates;

General Nurses,

(HCA) Health Care Assistants

Carers / Support Workers

for temporary vacancies in Care Homes, Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Specialist Units and NHS trusts.

Our Clients require our services for the provision of staff to meet temporary, often unexpected shift shortfalls, or to alleviate high levels of demand.

In order for us to be compliant we ensure all staff undergo stringent Employment Checks.

Our registered Nursing and Health Care staff are given additional annual training of high standards to meet accredited regulations.

We know how to place the right person in the right position.

Why employers choose us to fill their vacancies


Access to a trained consultant who understands your specific requirements and needs.

Last minute specialists who can find appropriately skilled staff on short term, long term or adhoc basis.

Stringent vetting procedures are in place to ensure supply staff are 100% compliant in line with the most up to date standards as set out by regulators.

Extensive recruitment ensures we have the best Nurses and HCA's available to work via our agency.   

24/7/365 access to trained staff:

- General and Specialist Nurses

- HCA / Healthcare Assistants

- Carers

- Support Workers

We will place only the most suitable candidates according to the complexity and nature of the assignment.

If you need nursing or healthcare staff whether it be for an emergency shift or longer term, you can call us anytime of the day or night.



Whether you use Statelycare for the supply of a Registered Nurse, Health Care Assistant or any other one of our staff, you can rest assured that all checking procedures have taken place and whether temporary or permanent will be who they say they are, and trained to the required level.



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