Domiciliary Care is a definition used to describe At Home Care.


Home care is offered in a number of capacities – the intensity and frequency of visits will depend on individual circumstances and care needs. Some may need intensive domiciliary care for short periods of time, whilst others simply need low-level long-term care and support.

The main advantage of domiciliary care is that it is carried out in a person’s own home, eliminating the need for you to spend large amounts of time in hospital and enabling you to stay in your own home indefinitely, this may not have been possible before domiciliary care was an option.

We offer 24 Hours Care for adults and young (on a contracted hours basis) this means your carer will be with you from anywhere between 30 mins to providing 24 hours care.


We offer our services to:

Care Services for all aged 13 and over:

  • Physical disabilities / Special needs

  • Associated mental health and or Challenging behaviour issues

  • Palliative Care / Terminal illness / Progressive illnesses

  • Care for the elderly

  • Learning disabilities

  • Private Home Care and Healthcare at home 

Our approach to Care and Training


We believe everyone has the right to a safe, secure and a respectful and compassionate provision of care.


Our services are tailored to each person’s identified specific needs and requirements through Person Centred Planning.

With this in mind our aim is to ensure quality and a culturally sensitive approach to care.

In order to ensure this our staff are trained to the high standards we have set in accordance with the government introduction of the (Care Certificate).


The (Care Certificate) ensures the fundamentals of care are understood and practiced by all Health and social Care Professionals alike.

And because we specialise in caring, we are proud to announce that all our staff / carers are suitably trained to the above mentioned government requirement, thus helping to ensure utmost professionalism in supporting and caring.  

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Domiciliary Care Services

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